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Kianae is a fox. Woman. Fox woman thingy. (Hey, if it's getting too weird for you, you can always leave!) She's the very first 'furry' character I ever tried to draw.
Now, that aside, I'm particularly proud of this sketch; the anatomy is as close to perfect as it ever got for me, the shading is the best I ever managed, and aside from a lack of fine detail, it turned out almost exactly as I pictured it.
Sketch of a fox lying 
Sketch of a mink in a dress, 
holding scissors
In lieu of my own personal character, "Arach" (yes, he's a spider, I know), here is Ytaya. She's a mink(y), and this sketch is supposed to resemble her. No, this is actually something I did for someone else; Ytaya is played by a young lady in England. Nyah, so there.
(She's just holding the scissors. She's not doing anything destructive. ... Someone started yelling at me due to that misconception.)
Here's Arach. It's not his best side, though, and he's not about to be eaten by that... um, winged snake. The snake is actually supposed to have boobies, since that's how Eapa describes herself. I just couldn't bear to butcher her character up any more than I had to. Besides, I couldn't draw a straight line while thinking about it. ;)
Sketch of a spider and a.. um, 
winged snake. Don't ask.
Sketch of roadkill in the 
I can't recall exactly why I drew this, but basically, some innocent critter dares the black line of doom whilst a friend looks on. It didn't end well; the Mack truck won. It must have been during a deep blue funk or something, although I can't remember having one of those. :)
It's a thingy!
Yep, it sure is!
Sketch of a thingy.
Sketch of Kianae with a spear.
This is another sketch of Kianae... not nearly as good as I have done, but not quite as bad as it could have been. Aside from her eyes not being where they should be and her.. *cough*chest*cough* being a bit funny, the pose came out as I wanted; one of the first times that happened.
Uh, by the way, when I draw things, I draw them without clothes because I can't draw clothes! That's why the bottom seems to have been added later and not too well, because I figured she just couldn't be there *naked*. :P
Please don't laugh cruelly at me. This is... was... what Molly Devil looked like. She's not so 'toony' anymore, and speaks English better now. Yes, she did, at one time, look a lot like Taz. (At least, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.)
Sketch of a tazmanian devil.
Sketch of a mouse running from a 
Captain Packrat. Also, one of the better full-body sketches I have ... sketched. He doesn't exactly describe his looks like this, but hey, who am I, Michaelangelo? Anyways, the Cap'n is making off with his booty. Arr!
A close-up of the Cap'n. I think he had eaten some bad cheese.
Sketch of a mouse.

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