Sketches of Kianae

All images on this page are copyrighted (1999-2001) by me (Arach/Brainiac). Please do not modify or distribute any of the images without written permission from your's truly.

My favorite sketch of Kianae; I really thought I was starting to get somewhere with "this art stuff" after finishing this. Still, obvious flaws aside, this image basically came straight from my brain to the paper - not something I'd ever done before. Usually, I'd start with the face/head, and just work with it and take direction from how the sketch was going.
Vixen in repose
Armed vulpine
This was drawn on a 3X5 index card as a placard for my door back in '99. When graduating from technical training, signs like these would be placed on the door and served as an excuse of sorts for not having to do all the normal maintenance crap that is done from day one. You were "packing". Also, yes, I thought it very clever that Kianae was also "packing". Har har.
Prime example of why not to incorporate too many things in a sketch when you can't draw for beans. I do not know where the sword(s) came from.
I suppose this was supposed to be set in the WCotP, as evidenced by Arach up under the tree branch, but there's no stream in the WCotP.
Sketch of spider and fox
Sitting fox
Practice. It was much in need.
The only bit about this that I tried to keep was the angle of the muzzle and jaw in relation to the face.
More full-body practice. Obviously, there's a vast amount of improvement needed.
Sketch of spear-wielding fox
Another sketch of a fox with 
pointy stick
Another try at vixen + pointy stick.
In an attempt to break up the monotony of tens of pages with essentially the same pose on each, this was one of the better attempts to change the angle. I use the term "better" loosely.
Fox in boots
Fox on bridge
Remove the long hair from the head, and you'd get an approximation of what Kianae was originally supposed to look somewhat akin to: just some small fox-type critter that was unbearably cute.

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