Sketches of Arach

All images on this page are copyrighted (1999-2001) by me (Arach/Brainiac). Please do not modify or distribute any of the images without written permission from your's truly.

The best self-portrait of my character "Arach" (clever, eh? Spider, arachnid, Arach... oh, fine). No, his limbs are not broken. He's supposed to be hanging upside down from his tree branch in a place called the West Corner of the Park.
Yes, this is before he was turned into a shambling mech-type thing; beware evil people with saws.
Sketch of a spider in a tree
Small spider sketch
Who picks a spider as their own animal persona? I suppose if I was more introspective, I'd be worried - but I'm not. Anyhoo, you'll see plenty more of these sad attempts at bringing the image from my imagination to paper here.
Another sketch of Arach. I never really noticed how freakin' chubby he's drawn before.
Sketch of a spider.
Chinese spider?
Looks like a Chinese spider. Or a bunch of circles.
This one is one I'm rather fond of; it was done in late '99, right before I quit trying to sketch. It was a door sign for some dorms in Biloxi, Mississippi, the hottest, most humid place I have ever been to.
When approaching graduation day, it was somewhat customary to stick a sign, often laden with art, to one's door to announce how many days one had left before one... uh, left.
This was one half of the "series"; the other featured Kianae.
Sketch of a ... a spider.
Sketch of ... you'll never 
guess... a spider!
Nothing special here; I never did figure out how to draw good eyes. I did try a few different "styles", though. This was done to see how "Torg from Sluggy Freelance" eyes would look.

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