29AUG02 - Well, I finally got that new machine built... Only took me about seven months! Ironically enough, I paid through the nose for a GeForce 4400 and now read a review about ATI's "GeForce killer", the Radeon 9700. Sigh, but at least this means my next card (in about two years) will just kick that much more butt; competition is a good plus, also. "Go, AMD! Go, ATI!" whee!
Also, America's Army is one of the most annoying games I've played in a long time: I can't seem to make out enemies in the distance before they can make me out and the ROE system means I can no longer keep assmunches dead (cause ROE adds up), yet they can waste almost twenty minutes of my time by grenading me, then shooting me in the back next round. ROE? 380. You need 400 to get booted. Sigh. Other than that, tho, it's very cool.

01JAN02 - I figured I'd post some specs of my current (and future!) machines while I work on building my new game machine.

04OCT01 - Nah, guess I won't be changing my server's port, unless my ISP does something dumb, like block incoming port 80. The server here was down due to ISP troubles, not something more script-kiddy-ish. Anyway, as a reminder for myself, I need to write a few summaries of the games mentioned here. If I can get a few of you out there to waste hours of your life on them, too, then my work here is done. Heh.

18SEP01 - Something worthy of note: I may be moving my web server's port to 8000. This means you'll have to type in "http://brainiac.neo-neural.net:8000/" to get here. (Note the change, marked in boldface.) This crap is getting rediculous. All IIS users should burn in ... a big pile of rubber tires.

14AUG01 - I'm announcing a new service I'm going to be offering: home security analysis. For a reasonable, one time fee of $500, I'll determine if your home has adequate defenses against a random, amature, would-be burglar. Basically, the procedure is simple. I'll walk up to each of your outside doors and apply a certain amount of pressure against the bolt by using my boot. If the door opens, you should buy a better bolt. (Entry through windows is considered cheating, so we don't test that.) To schedule an appointment, email me via the link on the front page.

27JUL01 - I changed my username and email addresses to hide em from spammers. The "new" email address will be placed on the front page of this site, and when it gets taken over by spam, I'll simply rotate the email box by one number. "blackhole01" to "blackhole02". Heh heh, I love having my own mail server.

25JUL01 - Sketches are finally up, for those of you who care to look.

20JUL01 - The IDAWorm (a.k.a. CodeRed, W32.Bady) worm smacked down over 20,000 (update: over 359,000 servers in 14 hours, yeek!) Microsoft IIS servers in the past few days, forcing them to spew all sorts of crap at other web servers around the world. What a scary thought, that all that crap was made possible by a widdle nasty hole in the bum of a Microsoft product. I just want to say "neener neener" to the people who wrote that and thank them for not writing one for my OS as well as giving me a nice list of servers to scan. What will we find out today? :) Ugh, okay, so I guess no one cares about that... Hey! Look, bunnies! *runs away*

05JUN01 - Yay! Uno now has SSH installed! That's... that's just about it. (Although I spent about four solid days and one server rebuild on it. Arrgh!) I'm so proud! *sniff*

04JUN01 - Okay, I'm sick of Netscape. The damned thing just can't seem to stop crashing when you try to use that putrid filth-pile that is JavaScript. Sooo, rather than go back to my OS-destabilizing "buddy", MSIE, I went our and bought (as in paid cold, hard cash for) Opera. I'll also be using it to inspect my site with, so you might want to inform me about any funkyness. Also, you might want to glance at the draft comparison I'm *cough* working *cough* on regarding Opera.

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