I've built myself a new toy! This is the first system that I've built for myself from the ground up. All I can say is that the instructions for Swiftech's heatsinks and Arctic Silver's "thermal compound" suck! (Even with a lapped heatsink, I've never had an install with a 'translucent haze' of AS succeed; always coat the core to the point where you cannot see through the coating, keep it smooth, and do not twist the heatsink when mounting it!)
I also have some spec listings for my older toy as well as for my first server and my newest server.

New 'toy':
~$ 1,400

CPU:  AMD Athlon XP 2000+ @ 1.67GHz
Cool: Swiftech MCXC370
Mbo:  Asus A7V333 w/RAID
Mem:  (2) 256MB Corsair PC2100
HDD:  (2) WD 80GB Caviar ATA100 w/8MB cache
Vid:  Asus V8440
Sou:  Creative Labs Audigy
NIC:  3COM 905C WOL 10/100 PCI
DVD:  Pioneer 116 (BIOS patched; now unlocked)
CDRW: Plextor PX-W4012TA/SW
FDD:  Teac 3.5"
CRT:  ViewSonic Q71 17" (pre-existing)
Case: Lian-Li PC-60 USB
Pwr:  Enermax 431W EG465P-VE
Spk:  Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 (added later)
Kbd:  Samsung 104 key
Mou:  Logitech MouseMan dual optical (added later)
O/S:  Windows 98SE (pre-existing)
Old 'toy':
~$ 1,600.00

CPU:  AMD "Classic" Slot-A Athlon @ 750Mhz
Cool: Generic dual fan heat sink
Mbo:  Asus K7V
Mem:  (2) 256MB Crucial PC133
HDD:  (2) WD 20GB ATA-66 7200RPM
Vid:  ATI Radeon 7500 w/32MB DDR (orig: Asus GeForce2 V7700)
Sou:  Creative SB Live! Value
NIC:  3COM 905C 10/100
CDRW: Mitsumi 4/2/16X
FDD:  Generic 3.5"
Case: Enlight 7327 w/2 80mm fans
Pwr:  Sparkle 350W
O/S:  Windows 98SE
First 'server':
~$ 200.00

CPU:  Intel P-120
Mbo:  ?
Mem:  ? 96MB RAM
HDD:  1GB Connor FAST-2 SCSI
FDD:  Generic 3.5"
Vid:  ?
Sou:  ? Creative SB
NIC:  Integrated
CRT:  ? Panasonic 15" via KVM
Case: Compaq Prosigna 300
Pwr:  ?
O/S:  Slackware Linux
Newest 'server':
~$ 400.00

CPU:  Intel Celeron @ 1.1Ghz
Mbo:  ?
Mem:  384MB Crucial RAM
HDD:  IBM Deskstar 20GB ATA100
FDD:  Generic 3.5"
Vid:  Integrated
Sou:  Integrated
NIC:  Integrated
CDR:  Generic 48X IDE 
CRT:  Panasonic 15" via Omniview KVM
Case: Generic Dell
Pwr:  ? Generic
O/S:  Mandrake Linux

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